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MarbleGrand has brought its standard stone fireplaces and custom stone fireplaces hand-carved mantelpieces to families and home projects all over the world. We can design the stone fireplace that you imagine using our skilled handcraftsmanship that have been handed down over generations. Our exquisite stone fireplace designs and mantelpieces have been in cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor, Mississauga, Oakville, Kipling in Ontario to Quebec and other provinces in Canada.


Stone Fireplace Surrounds:

  • Q-What size of fireplace surround should I buy?

-Measure the height and the width of your fireplace with and without the edges if it’s a gas fireplace.

-Measure the height and width of your fireplace if it's a wood burning fireplace.

-Measure the height that your fireplace is starting from the floor. This will help you with choosing the right hearth.

Custom Fireplace Mantels:

    • Custom Stone Fireplace Designs:

    • Q-How to choose between standard and custom stone fireplace mantels?

    • -Most of our standard stone fireplaces mantels are designed to fit fireplaces that are between 30 to 48 inches wide. So for these sizes you can choose from our standard in stock stone fireplace surrounds mantels.

    • -If your fireplace interior width measurement is 50, 52 or 56 inches, you most likely will need a custom stone fireplace surround. We also have a few large stone fireplace surround mantels in stock that you can choose from them.

    • -We also custom design your stone fireplace mantel based on your taste and requirements. Just come by with your ideas and we will design it and manufacture it based on your ideas. 

    • Stone Fireplace designs:

    • Q-What is the right design for my room?

      • -There is no right or wrong when it comes to designing the look of your stone fireplace surrounds. The best fireplace design is the one that you like the most.

      • Some people like to have more facing edges showing than others. (Check your fireplace codes for the minimum required distance.).

      •  -Whether it you’d like modern stone fireplace, contemporary stone fireplace, antique stone fireplace, classic stone fireplace and whether you prefer limestone fireplaces or marble fireplace surrounds, your stone fireplace should satisfy your taste and it should have harmony with your home design and furniture style so it can warm your heart and you can enjoy your stone fireplace for years to come.


    stone fireplaces:

    Q-Is it Fireplace mantel or mantelpiece?

      • Over time, fireplace mantels have been given many names such as: cast stone fireplace, stone fireplace, stone fireplace mantels, fireplace surrounds, and stone chimney piece. Regardless of these names our stone fireplaces are among the most elegant well crafted hand-carved natural stone fireplaces that are available in many fireplace designs like Modern fireplace designs, European fireplace, French fireplace, Classic Fireplace, Traditional fireplaces and more to make your dreams of having a unique beautiful stone fireplace comes true.

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Fireplace is such a part in every room which gets the most attention by you, your family and your guests who visit your house. Everyone prefers to sit in the room with an elegant stone fireplace at get together dinners or random socializing. It is extremely important to have a fireplace mantel that looks attractive and elegant at the same time.

MarbleGrand: Our stone fireplaces are hand carved of different natural stones such as limestone and marble. These days, stone fireplaces like marble mantels and limestone mantels are in fashion since they give warmth  and attractive look to every room.
stone fireplaces are usually built of limestone and marble natural stone. The best from among them are the ones that are hand carved from marble and limestone.  They look very attractive as they have natural veins and grains with different shades that give each of them a unique look.
stone fireplaces are extremely classy, elegant and beautiful. You can keep them for a lifetime and they add to the value of your house. Natural stone fireplaces like limestone and marble fireplace mantels look very beautiful and they easily blend with any room giving a rich look to the place. Stone mantels are also extremely durable and safe and they do not get damaged easily so they are cost effective in long time.

Cast stone mantels are made out of concrete which they usually come in plain beige, brown or gray color with no shades or veins of the natural stone, this will give a dull effect to the room. You prefer to have a unique and elegant fireplace mantel so it can improve the look of your room.

Custom stone Mantels: You also have the option to have your stone fireplace built according to your room design and your taste, with nothing extra in it that will be outside of your choice. So your own custom built stone mantel will be your own master piece. You will choose from different stones with different colors and shades to build your fireplace mantel that will be in contrast with the interior decoration of your room.

At our showroom: You can find a huge variety of stone fireplace designs in different natural stone colors to choose from for your fireplace. You can look at different styles and designs, so it will be easier for you to choose the best one that works for you.



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